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Free Events at the National Association of Memoir Writers


By now, writers are aware that the publishing world is undergoing a volcanic eruption that has changed the landscape forever.  Ten years ago, when I published my first book Becoming Whole, it was "against the rules" to give anyone the hint that you were self-published. It was a dirty word then and generally understood that any self-published book was just not any good. Those of us writing and developing our books to the highest level of professionalism, which most writers did, were not in … [Read more...]

Interview with Jerry Waxler –The Benefits of a Tele-Workshop

Jerry Waxler is offering another 4 - Week Intensive starting April 1. We thought you should hear more from Jerry, who is a devoted and stimulating teacher of memoir, about his workshop.       Linda Joy: Jerry, we're so pleased you are offering workshops here at the National Association of Memoir Writers. And the feedback from students in the class you offered in February was so impressive, we decided to offer it again in April. Why do you think your students appreciated the class so … [Read more...]

Spring into your Memoir Writing – New courses, workshops, and teleseminars


        If you're in the East coast, you may still be getting snow, but we out here in sunny California are experiencing spring with flowers, sweet scents, and warm temperatures. Just think if you and your children are writing memoirs, this winter will no doubt provide some stories to tell. Every moment that you experience can become part of a flash memoir or a short story. Or you might string together many moments that have meaning, offer a legacy, or present a new insight … [Read more...]

Two Ingredients You need to Write a Prize Winning Book: Determination and Community

Linda Joy, Sue William Silverman and Sheila Bender

What a journey it is to write a book! All of you who are reading this newsletter know this already, but it can't be said enough. I just received an infusion of enthusiasm and inspiration just getting back from the AWP conference in Seattle where I got to meet in person many people whom I've had a guests here at NAMW. Sue William Silverman and Sheila Bender have presented their fabulous workshops with us several times--Sue will be with us for our May 9 Telesummit this year--stay tuned for that … [Read more...]

Welcome Your 2014 Writing Life with Intentionality and Vision


As you move into 2014--rushing toward it, tip-toeing, slipping into it--which is it for you?--it's a great time to re-focus on priorities for your writing life, to reflect on what you've done and visualize where you are going.  On my list: I'm gathering ideas for new articles, freewriting new titles, and outlining--again--a new memoir. At NAMW, I'm planning programs for the new year, and researching new ways to reach writers. Among other things. I keep in the forefront of my mind how … [Read more...]

‘Tis the Season – Get out the Photo Albums and Gather Round the Fireplace


The holidays are the season of gratitude--a time when we reach out to family and friends to celebrate all the ways we appreciate them, a time when we count our blessings. During the holidays we make a priority to gather and share joy and stories, though for some people, it can be a time of stress and loneliness. If that is the case, then use your journal to write out how you feel and what you remember.     If you are planning to visit with your family, it can be an opportunity to dig out … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know About Kindle Direct FREE Promotions for your Books AND Last Day to Download Free Book


Welcome to all of you who are new on this list! A couple of days ago, you received an email that might have confused some of you, and I apologize for that. I wanted you to know about the KDP free giveaway for my books, AND I also wanted to share with you information about the program for your own use later on with your books. The link to my blog post with this information was at the bottom, and I think it was hard to find. So I'm putting the "educational information" about this kind of … [Read more...]

A Brave “Gutsy” Journey: Learning to Write AND Market your Book

Sonia Marsh

For memoir writers, there is a huge learning curve in becoming an author both to write AND learn about platform and marketing. Most writers I talk to are trying to balance the need to carve out time to listen to their internal, quiet world of their inner voice and memory to write their memoir, and to switch sides of the brain to learn about themes, the market, comparable books, creating a blog, and then reaching out so the world can learn about their book.  We all can get overwhelmed by … [Read more...]

May Newsletter 2013

      Spring 2013 Telesummit The Spring 2013 Telesummit was a great day--stimulating and informative with five top presenters in memoir, marketing, and self-publishing--and it was so fun! The energy and enthusiasm of Denise Ledoux, Jerry Waxler and Matilda Butler as they talked about the Memoir Revolution zinged across the phone lines--all of them deeply engaged in the excitement of teaching memoir and sharing stories through interview, videos, and teleseminar, and being … [Read more...]

National Association of Memoir Writers Spring Newsletter: March-April 2013


Spring, with the fading of snow and cold, tips of new grew crocuses and daffodils, the bursting of blooms in the trees and in the garden, reminds me of the cycles of life, the way that nature parallels our own forays into creative energy as we write our stories. As writers, there’s an ebb and flow to how we create, from moments of silence without words, to the burst of energy and the unfolding of stories, ideas, and memories. We need to keep in mind these waves of energy and creativity, and … [Read more...]