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What Does Self-discovery Have to do With Memoir Writing? | August Member Teleseminar

Jackie Swenson

NAMW Member Teleseminar with Jackie Swensen August 22, 2014 11 AM PDT 12 PM MDT 1 PM CDT 2 PM EDT   Many memoir writers come to their stories from having journaled much of their lives, so we are pleased to offer an expert on journaling and healing to present this August member teleseminar, Jackie Swensen. Memoir writing requires a host of narrative skills to transform a person’s memories into something that appeals to a wide audience. For example, a sharp eye for detail, a … [Read more...]

Writing Bestselling Memoirs Without Throwing Everyone Under the Bus


July Member Teleseminar  with Linda Watanabe McFerrin July 25, 2014 11 AM PDT  12 PM MDT   1 PM CDT  2 PM EDT   Any professional editor will tell you that the key to writing a fantastic, bestselling memoir is drama and relevance, but sometimes it hard to amp up the intensity without causing major collateral damage with family, community or friends, not to mention ex-spouses and lovers. In this seminar you will learn how to take those quiet moments and turn them into spellbinding … [Read more...]

Secrets of Structuring a Memoir that Works!

LJM, Judy and Jerry

Teleseminar for NAMW Members Judy Mandel, Linda Joy Myers, Jerry Waxler June 20, 2014 11 AM PDT 12 PM MDT 1 PM CDT 2 PM EDT As a memoir writer, you must transform your unstructured memories into the structure of a story. To do that, take a closer look at the way stories work, and then follow that roadmap. In this teleseminar we’ll answer the kinds of questions we typically hear from writers who are trying to find the story. • How can I identify my most meaningful memories? • What … [Read more...]

Following the Yellow Brick Road of Memoir Writing |Marla Miller

Marla Miller

  Member Teleseminar Friday May 16, 2014 11 AM 12 PM   1 PM 2 PM When you write a memoir, you're caught up in a journey about your life, a journey that you try to capture in your book, but you can't exactly predict the plot of this even though you know "what happened." As you sketch out your memories, at first you think about your whole life, and can get overwhelmed with so many memories. But to write a memoir, you need to select and hone your memories, themes, and ideas … [Read more...]

Family Troubles: The Hazards and Rewards of Writing About Family | Joy Castro

Castro small headshot

  April Member Teleseminar April 18, 2014  11 AM PDT    12 PM MDT    1 PM CDT    2 PM EDT    I'm pleased to welcome Joy Castro this month as our member teleseminar presenter. I highly recommend her memoir The Truth Book, and Family Troubles--Memoirists on the Hazards and Rewards of Revealing Family. She gave a powerful presentation at the AWP Conference in Seattle last month, and I loved meeting her in person. It's always inspiring to meet the "real" people I have gotten to … [Read more...]

Journaling for the Empowering Discovery of Who You Are |Dawn Herring

Dawn Herring photo

March Member Teleseminar March 21, 2014 11 AM PDT    12 PM  MDT     1 PM  CDT    2 PM   EDT Do you need a fresh approach toward discovering who you are and appreciating what you bring to this world? Are you looking for a fresh perspective in all of your life dimensions and want to express your creativity, thus increasing the quality of your life? Are you looking for a way to set appropriate boundaries in order to thrive and live life authentically? Dawn Herring, Host of … [Read more...]

You’ve Written Your Memoir—Now What? | Steps on the Path to Publishing

Sam Barry

Member Teleseminar February 21 2014 with Sam Barry 11 AM PST   12 PM MST   1 PM  CST  2 PM EST   With the publishing world changing every day, your head must be spinning with the choices you have to make. You ask, “Should I find an agent or should I self-publish? How do I know when my manuscript is ready? What are the best publishing choices for my book and theme?"   Sam Barry, director of the Book Passage Path to Publishing Program, is our guest for this member … [Read more...]

Shape the Story Structure of your Memoir


 NAMW Member Telseminar with Jerry Waxler January 24,2014  11 AM PST  12 MST  1 CST  2 EST We are so happy to welcome back Jerry Waxler, an NAMW board member and veteran teacher of memoir writing in his community of Philadelphia, and here at the National Association of Memoir Writers. Jerry is going to teach his specialty workshop in creating story in February, but you can get a taste of what he will present here in this special member teleseminar. When you remember your past, your … [Read more...]

The Role of Memory in Writing Memoirs | Mary Gottschalk

Mary Gottschalk

Member Teleseminar December 13, 2013 11 AM PDT    12 PM MDT     1 PM CDT     2 PM EDT We are pleased to present Mary Gottschalk, author of Sailing Down the Moonbeam. Memoirs are, by their nature, selective in the ideas and information they offer to the reader. But as she wrote her memoir, Mary discovered how important it is to understand the limitations of one’s own memory.  She will talk about the different kinds of memory, how we remember things, and why we remember them.  We … [Read more...]

Five Secrets to Writing an Enduring Memoir – Member Teleseminar | Theo Pauline Nestor

headshot nestor

Join us for this NAMW Member Teleseminar November 22, 2013 11 PM PST  12 PM MST  1 PM CST  2 PM EST   Writing a memoir is a complex task that asks us to weave truth, story, craft, and our own vulnerability as writers. And not only that, we have to learn how to reach out to the reader, we need to create a narrator that is relatable and real so the reader can identify with the us as narrators, and learns a universal message from our memoir. When all this is done with the right balance, we … [Read more...]