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Dad: Re-Visited on #Father’s Day

Dad beach 1953012

Judy L. Mandel   I can see my dad bent over his watchmaker’s bench, jeweler’s monocle in his right eye, squinting the left shut while he scrutinized a diamond. Dad didn’t have much hair from the time I could remember, but in this crouch there was always one wayward black-gray strand dangling in front of the monocle. He proudly displayed his framed Gemologist certificate behind the diamond showcase in his small shop in Elizabeth, New Jersey. As a kid, I could never figure out … [Read more...]

It Is All About You | Sharon Lippincott


It’s easy to forget that a memoir really is all about you and step back from the story at key points. “I didn’t want to say too much about that, because I don’t want to sound like I was bragging,” is a common response to the urging to the feedback “I’d like to read more about that.” Most of us learned early that bragging was to be avoided, and those who have been fortunate and rise above the ordinary may hesitate to elaborate on successes in memoir. The inverse is equally … [Read more...]

Memorial Day Membership Sale

United States Flag

The roses are blooming all over! Fragrant gardens, birdsong, and blossoms, many shades of green, wafting soft breezes, happy earthworms--spring has sprung! Our minds melt into dream with such richness of the earth with new life, the flowering of what will be the fruits of the harvest. I believe that when we tune into the natural forces of the earth and the cycles of time, our creativity is lit up, inviting us to dig into the treasures of our hearts and souls. Remember, every month … [Read more...]

Memoir Telesummit Wisdom | Spring 2014

Sue Silverman

  I'm jazzed! It's such a privilege to be learning from our terrific Telesummit presenters  Sue William Silverman, John Kremer, Chris Houser, and Martha Alderson today at the NAMW Telesummit--Spring 2014! A few tidbits of what I learned. Those of you who signed up were either on the line or will be getting the audio, once we edit it a bit. We had a couple of tech glitches--who knows why--and the audio will go out to all who signed up as soon as we can make it available. Sue … [Read more...]

Interview with Sue William Silverman For National Association of Memoir Writers

Sue Silverman

We want to welcome Sue William Silverman to another stop on the WOW--Women on Writing Blog Tour. This time, she has graciously written answers to questions by me, Linda Joy Myers, president of the National Association of Memoir Writers. LJM: Sue, you have written two memoirs that had serious themes: sexual abuse and love addiction. What a surprise to see the humor and playfulness in this book! Can you talk about the different voices for each book, and a bit about how you thought about your … [Read more...]

Three Memoirs-Three Voices| Review of The Pat Boone Fan Club: My Life as a White Anglo-Saxon Jew

Silverman, The Pat Boone Fan Club, for web

 Sue William Silverman's WOW Blog Tour   Here at the National Association of Memoir Writers in partnership with WOW, Women on Writing, we are so pleased to celebrate the release of Sue William Silverman’s third memoir The Pat Boone Fan Club-My Life as a White Anglo-Saxon Jew. I find it fascinating that the same person who wrote Because I Remember Terror, Father, I Remember You and Love Sick has written such a delightful and humorous memoir. I’ve been a fan of Sue William … [Read more...]

Interview about Memoir, Writing the Truth, and Family: Joy Castro and Linda Joy Myers


LJM: Joy—you so skillfully and poetically dig deep into the ethics, shame, and struggles of writing about family in your essays in Island of Bones, and in your introduction to Family Trouble—Memoirist on the Hazards and Rewards of Revealing Family. Your speeches at the AWP conference rocked my world. They were so inspiring to those of us who struggle with voice, with permission, and with finding our stride with our material. I'm so pleased you will be our guest at the NAMW member … [Read more...]

NAMW Writers Workshop Weekend


Write your Memoir Now THE WATER’S EDGE RESORT & SPA, WESTBROOK, CONNECTICUT   National Association of Memoir Writers Member Discount Learn more about the retreat here--Schedule, topics, and more. If you are thinking about writing your memoir, have 100 pages you're struggling with, or even an entire completed draft of your book, you owe it to yourself to come to this First Annual memoir workshop retreat sponsored by the National Association of Memoir Writers … [Read more...]

Two Ingredients You need to Write a Prize Winning Book: Determination and Community

Linda Joy, Sue William Silverman and Sheila Bender

What a journey it is to write a book! All of you who are reading this newsletter know this already, but it can't be said enough. I just received an infusion of enthusiasm and inspiration just getting back from the AWP conference in Seattle where I got to meet in person many people whom I've had a guests here at NAMW. Sue William Silverman and Sheila Bender have presented their fabulous workshops with us several times--Sue will be with us for our May 9 Telesummit this year--stay tuned for that … [Read more...]

IT TAKES A VILLAGE | To Write a Prize-Winning Book

BookFront cover LBR jpg

Linda Bello Ruiz is our Roundtable Discussion guest this week--and she knows a lot about the path of not only writing a memoir, but winning a Gold Medal prize! We will have a great discussion March 6, so please sign up for the audio you can listen to afterward or add to your memoir resource archives.  * When I started writing my memoir, I figured that the process would take a few months; maybe even a year. If someone had told me that the writing journey would take over three years to write, … [Read more...]