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Interview about Memoir, Writing the Truth, and Family: Joy Castro and Linda Joy Myers


LJM: Joy—you so skillfully and poetically dig deep into the ethics, shame, and struggles of writing about family in your essays in Island of Bones, and in your introduction to Family Trouble—Memoirist on the Hazards and Rewards of Revealing Family. Your speeches at the AWP conference rocked my world. They were so inspiring to those of us who struggle with voice, with permission, and with finding our stride with our material. I'm so pleased you will be our guest at the NAMW member … [Read more...]

NAMW Writers Workshop Weekend


Write your Memoir Now MEMOIR RETREAT OCTOBER 3-5, 2014 WATER’S EDGE RESORT & SPA WESTBROOK, CONNECTICUT REGISTER EARLY FOR EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT! LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE! NAMW MEMBER DISCOUNT! REGISTER TODAY If you are thinking about writing your memoir, have 100 pages you're struggling with, or even an entire completed draft of your book, you owe it to yourself to come to this First Annual memoir workshop retreat sponsored by the National Association of Memoir Writers … [Read more...]

Two Ingredients You need to Write a Prize Winning Book: Determination and Community

Linda Joy, Sue William Silverman and Sheila Bender

What a journey it is to write a book! All of you who are reading this newsletter know this already, but it can't be said enough. I just received an infusion of enthusiasm and inspiration just getting back from the AWP conference in Seattle where I got to meet in person many people whom I've had a guests here at NAMW. Sue William Silverman and Sheila Bender have presented their fabulous workshops with us several times--Sue will be with us for our May 9 Telesummit this year--stay tuned for that … [Read more...]

IT TAKES A VILLAGE | To Write a Prize-Winning Book

BookFront cover LBR jpg

Linda Bello Ruiz is our Roundtable Discussion guest this week--and she knows a lot about the path of not only writing a memoir, but winning a Gold Medal prize! We will have a great discussion March 6, so please sign up for the audio you can listen to afterward or add to your memoir resource archives.  * When I started writing my memoir, I figured that the process would take a few months; maybe even a year. If someone had told me that the writing journey would take over three years to write, … [Read more...]

The Writing Olympics

Sochi Olympics logo

Watching talented athletes perform gravity defying moves during the Olympics makes me feel a tad bit earthbound, wingless, yet I know that what they are unleashing besides their battle with gravity is a deep creative process, a part of themselves that lives to challenge their limitations, to soar away from “regular reality” into another plane of existence. This week, I felt an aha about the writing process as I watched skaters lift and soar and skiers fly. As writers, we create an alternate … [Read more...]

How Writing Affects your Brain


Embedded from … [Read more...]

The One Question Every New Writer Wants Answered | Theo Nestor

headshot nestor

  On the last day of the quarter, I often ask students in my memoir class to write down on an anonymous slip of paper a question about writing.  When I did this recently, I received a number of questions about the legal implications of writing about others, how one finds an agent, how to decide on the structure of a book...all good questions.  But then there was one question that stood out from the bunch.  On a torn piece of lined notepaper, the writer asked, "Am I good?" I've been … [Read more...]

National Lifewriting Month! Free Memoir Telesummit in November

Fall 2013 Telesummit Slide 340x240

It's November, a month of writing extravaganzas with NaNoWriMo, Write Nonfiction in November, and our Free National Association of Writers  Memoir Telesummit with 4 experts in writing, eBooks, and publishing. Celebrate National Lifewriting Month with our free Webinar Writing on the Edge                 Memoir writing is dangerous! Yes, many writers feel that they are falling off some kind of edge, taking chances, risking–what? –perhaps as … [Read more...]

How Do you Start Thinking about the Structure of Your Memoir? | Judy Mandel

  You already have all the information for your memoir--after all it’s your life! Now, it’s a matter of structuring and including the pieces that will best tell your story in a logical way. Otherwise you may have a jumble of wonderful chapters and scenes that are disconnected. It comes down to what to leave in and what to leave out. The big question to ask yourself is—what is your memoir about? It’s not enough to know it’s about your life and your memories. How to connect the … [Read more...]

Writing Your Spiritual/Healing Memoir

Angel in Lourmarin

  4 weeks: October 31–November 21, 2013 Thursdays   3 PM PDT    4 PM MDT    5 PM CDT    6 PM EDT One hour teleseminar $125.00 for Members / $135 for Non-Members Linda Joy Myers, Workshop Leader   When we write a memoir, we engage with our deepest selves and embark on a journey that challenges us. In this brief workshop you can explore the topics you want to develop in a longer workshop. We invite you to write new material, and we'll talk about the tools of … [Read more...]