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Storyboarding Your 2014 Vision | Free NAMW Roundtable Discussion

 New years

 The dream changes at midnight….

from “New Year 2002″ by Amy Christman

 Roundtable Discussion January 9, 2014


We begin each year filled with hope and possibilities for delicious outcomes, manifested visions, actualized goals. This will be the year our books will complete, we will build websites, we will master social media! Then, usually before the calendar page turns to February, “real life” descends and we’ve lost that oomph.

I’m so pleased to have as our guest my friend and veteran journaler, visionary, and presenter, Kathleen (Kay) Adams! She is a master of creating new methods to help writing emerge and become real on the page, to invite healing through writing personal stories. Through her books, workbooks, and workshops, Kay has helped train and teach hundreds, even thousands of people through the years, to find their voice, and to invite writing as a way to the inside of their story and their hearts.

In this lively teleworkshop, you’ll learn proven strategies and techniques to “storyboard” your vision for the new year. You’ll be guided to–

  • conceptualize a vision for 2014
  • build the bridge from “here” to “there”
  • draw the map that will help you cross the bridge
  • discover the power of accountability
  • “jump time” to embed and embody successful outcome

Bring your journals or notebooks and come ready to start your own storyboard for success in 2014!


Kay Adams head-shot-205-small1-257x300

Kathleen (Kay) Adams LPC, CJT is the CEO/Director of the Center for Journal Therapy, Inc. and its professional training division, the fully online Therapeutic Writing Institute. She spent 2013 actualizing her vision for the Journalverse, an online learning community for journal writers and facilitators worldwide. Kay is the author/editor of nine books on therapeutic writing, including the best-selling Journal to the Self and the just-released Expressive Writing: Foundations of Practice. She has never quite grasped the difference between work and play.


  1. Julie Luek says:

    Looking forward to being able to sign up– sounds fantastic.

  2. Julia Atwood says:

    This sounds great! Look forward to signing up!

  3. This will be my first Roundtable Discussion. I am pumped! I am so very excited about my memoir writing in 2014. As George Eliot said, “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”

  4. Lilly Gwilliam says:

    Sounds like the perfect way to start 2014!

  5. Marie Saint-Louis says:

    Yes, I just registered for my first Roundtable Discussion. In 2014, I’m writing my “crossover” memoir/nonfiction book.

  6. Carrie Zadrazil says:

    thanks for having this!

  7. Katrina Blair says:

    Wow, Kay is a fantastic facilitator, teacher and mentor. It has been awhile since we crossed paths. Cannot wait to participate tomorrow evening. She brings so much wisdom and most importantly she opens so many windows into both the writing and creative process.

  8. Terri Calabrese says:

    Would love to sign up for this event.

  9. James Harris says:

    I’m looking forward to it!

  10. Mary Danielsen says:

    Would love to sign up for this event. Any chance I could get last minute call in information?

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