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Indie Authors: Get Interviews, Create Platform on YouTube—and more

Jason Matthews author Pismo Beach1-cropped2

 June 28, 2013  11 AM PDT   12 PM MDT  1 PM CDT  2 PM EDT

 Teleseminar  for Members of National Association of Memoir Writers

The term “Indie Author” has become part of our popular parlance, much like “Indie Movies” began to be “in” when independent filmmakers realized they could operate parallel to the established system. This is happening now in the writing world, and one of the people celebrating this is Jason Matthews, who has a regular hangout show on Google Plus on Monday evenings. Jason is professional, nice, asks smart questions, and is a joy to work with.

All the shows become YouTube videos—terrific publicity for everyone who appears and great for the author’s platform. His job is to create a program of interest—that means carefully selecting his guests. We will talk about the world of being an Indie-Author, what he looks for in his guests, and how you can present yourself so someone like Jason will want to invite you to his program.

At the teleseminar you will learn:

  • How Jason sees Indie Publishing today—and his vision for the future.
  • How Jason selects people or topics.
  • What topics are interesting to his audience.
  • How the show began.
  • Where most Indie books need the most work.
  • How Indies can best use their time.

Jason Matthews was born in Chapel Hill, NC and lives in Pismo Beach, CA with his family. He’s worked as a snow-maker,  a house painting contractor and now a full-time writer working on new fiction and non-fiction alike.

His novels include:
The Little Universe
Jim’s Life
His guides include:

How to Make, Market And Sell eBooks All for Free
How to Make Your Own Free Website And Your Free Blog Too
Get On Google Front Page

Websites for contact:




  1. Look forward to Jason’s teleseminar. He is so helpful.

  2. Jodi Sykes says:

    Hi! I would like to listen in today if possible…sounds really interesting!

  3. My work and resulting relationships have taken me all over the world. As I emerge single again, I’m interested in telling these stories and the human wisdom that came out of this experience. As a portrait artist, I ‘m always struck by the beauty and nobility of the human soul, hiding behind sreet-smart, world-weary veneers. It always leaves me uplifted and proud to be part of the human race!

  4. I’ve just in the last year started to really do computer graphics and documenting journeys digitally graphically and sharing them on facebook! Last year I broke my ankle and got a tremendous response from my sharing the healing journery back to health when posting my progtress with Microsoft “Paint” illustrations! People recommended I nake them into a book.b For inspiration, self-help, doctor’s offices, children.

  5. Carol Hogan says:

    Can you tell me how to listen to the seminar?

  6. Kelly Kittel says:

    HOw do I get the info for today’s telesummit please?

  7. Joann Castle says:

    I have just received your notice of this seminar. How to I log in?

  8. Looking forward to the teleclass.

  9. Fantastic talk today. Thanks for helping indie authors understand social media and more.