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Do you Need an Editor for Your Memoir? The Answer is Yes, Yes, Yes!

NAMW Member Teleseminar April 26

11 AM PDT  12 PM MDT  1 PM CDT  2 PM EDT

david colin Carr


As I work with memoir writers, I am privileged to see two sides of them as writers—the part that is eager to write, loves the story, and can’t wait to get their unique message out to the world. Then there’s the other part—the one who does NOT want to be edited, feels violated by an editor taking a look at the “gold” there on the pages, and who would rather hike 10 miles in the snow than submit anything to an editor.

The second part of you really has to shift into a new mode—if you want to become a professional writer. Editing is about creating something beautiful and easy to read, and let’s face it—our first efforts, even our 10th or 20th, aren’t likely to give the reader that experience.

In this member teleseminar with an experienced editor, David Colin Carr, we will discuss how you can more about editing—what it is and isn’t, and learn how to become a good editor for yourself.

  • What do editors do, anyway?
  • What support can you find for free to help you create your best manuscript?
  • How do you work with the demons that writers face?
  • What to expect from the relationship between you and your editor.
  • Tips for self-editing and preparing the manuscript for an editor

Editor David Colin Carr has been editing fiction, non-fiction, and dissertations since 1988 with writers as far flung as China and Thailand. He works collaboratively with clients to bring forth their passion – with clarity, coherence, while preserving their distinctive voice. He is dedicated to projects that value, expand, and connect our human hearts – offering his own heart, counseling experience, and creativity to bring forth the brilliance of both the writing and the collaborative relationship.


  1. Robert says:

    Professional editors can do more for a story than many think. It’s not just about grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

    There is content, word choice, sentence structure, verb subject agreement, tense, consistency, and more to creating a great book instead of a written book.

  2. I’d like to sign up for this teleconference. How????

  3. Paula Wagner says:

    Sounds great. Hope to receive the MEMBER CALL IN # SOON so I can sign up.

    Also, I hope the seminar will also address the dynamic between the writer and the inner editor/critic. I’m a great editor for the work of others but find myself getting bogged down in my own editing process.

  4. Paula Wagner says:

    Thanks for a super helpful teleseminar today, full of wisdom, resources, tips and support, both practical and philosophical. I especially appreciated the Savvy Self-Editing Guide and wish I’d known about when painstakingly developed my own visual outline using clunky (old) graphics templates in Word. But it’s nice to know someone anticipated my needs so now I’ll go there. The seminar reminded me that everything we need is out there in the universe… if we but have the patience and endurance to seek it – and the good fortune to encounter guides like LInda Joy and David Colin Carr along the way.