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Teleseminar Video

Writing a memoir is a complex layering of memory, our view of truth, history, and what is important to us in our lives. Watch this video as Linda Joy Myers and Teresa LeYung Ryan talk about how they drew from personal experiences to write memoir and fiction. They share tips for writing your own story in whatever genre you choose.


  1. Thanks for these good points in writing memoir “… list ten most important stories (and keep them private) ” is my favorite tip.

  2. From the get-go, I love that you use the honesty of pussycats to make the point that memoirs need to be the writer’s honest truth. Great way to make an important point — I love pussycats, and all animals, too. (My first book is called, “Pawprints” It’s a furry home companion.)

    Like you, I have found “Do I have to tell the truth?” to be one of the most frequent questions asked by those new to memoir writing. And like you, I assure them that when they admit feelings and even foibles that come from deep inside, readers identify, not judge them, and actually admire the writer for making the admission.

    Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes. And writing these into your stories makes your characters more believable. Then there’s the question about revealing other people’s eccentricities, or mistakes, in print. But this is for a different discussion.

    Thanks for the constant flow of information, Joy!
    Ina H.

    • Dear Ina–thank you so much for your note. Yes, truth is challenging to explore but so rewarding! i think memoir writing helps us to become more compassionate for ourselves and others. Congratulations on your book! My kitties help me to write–right up there in front of the screen, near the keyboard where I will sometimes give a little chin scratch before going back to using two hands.
      Keep writing!
      Linda joy